Spot a Woody


An American classic and the original SUV, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer has won over fans around the world inspiring a dedicated cult following and growing base of enthusiasts.

In driveways and parking lots, on the highways and airways, just the slightest glimpse of a Jeep Grand Wagoneer will inspire an aficionado to cry out “Hey look, a Woody!” To that uncontrollable, impulsive reaction, we dedicate the following “Spot a Woody” page.

Our list is not comprehensive, so help us complete it. Submit your favorite Woody spotting from a TV commercial, show or movie and we’ll add it to the list as well as give you credit for submitting it (first to submit via e-mail gets listed).


Dawson's Creek
Blue Woody, driven during the show (submitted by Brandon L. of Louisana)

Magnum P.I.
Several episodes include a light beige Grand Wagoneer.

Michael Landon, The Father I Knew
In this made for TV movie, Cheryl Ladd portrays Lynn Landon see Wagon Tales for more about the actual ’86 featured in this movie (submitted by Janis D. of Corona, CA).

Narcos (Netflix)
A parking lot scene in the first episode -- set in 1979 -- includes a late model 87 or 88 Grand Wagoneer in the background.

Knots Landing
Mac drove a Red Woody for years on this popular show, a spin off from Dallas, and now in syndication (submitted by Kristin S.).

Green Woody driven by the father character (submitted by Joe R.)


Golden Grahams cereal
2002 (Sand Metallic Woody)

Jeep commercial

Life cereal
2002 (White Woody)

Pot of Gold Chocolates
Christmas commercial with a Blue/Tan Woody (submitted by Joel of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Ross department store
2002 (White Woody)

Baby Boom (1987)
Features some beautiful drives through the Vermont countryside in the Gray Woody purchased by Diane Keaton’s character as a safe family car (first submitted by Gary S. of Arlington, TX)

Back to the Future (1985)
As Michael Fox’s character skateboards around the town, a Grand Wag is briefly seen. (submitted by Mark P.)

One of the briefest Woody appearances ever in a movie

Bring it On (2000)
In this cheerleading flick, an 86 Grand Wag is used to pick-up the new cheerleader played by Eliza Dushku, also features Kirsten Dunst see Wagon Tales for more about the actual ’86 featured in this movie (submitted by Janis D. of Corona, CA)

Chill Factor (1999)
Starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. During a high-speed chase on a narrow mountain road the main characters crash into a blue Jeep towing a small boat (submitted by Collin M.).

Collateral Damage
John Leguziamo plays a Columbian drug factory boss and drives what else but a Grand Wagoneer (first submitted by Lou Buffalino)

Featuring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, this movie opens with a great “Woody” driving scene. It also reappears throughout the movie (first submitted by Kristin S. and many others following the TBS showing of the movie).

Dumb & Dumber
Another background role for Grand Wag, this time a Silver Star.

Enemy of the State
A perfect Nanny vehicle!

Fair Game (1995)
Cindy Crawford and Billy Baldwin star in this flick where a Grand Wag gets destroyed.

Fire Down Below
A Steven Segal flick (submitted by Tim M.)

Funny Farm (1988)
Starring Chevy Chase. A couple stops by in a Woody as a prospective buyer of the house owned by Chevy’s character (first submitted by Chuck N.)

The Game
Staring Michael Douglass (submitted by Justin M.)

The Great Outdoors
Staring John Candy - many enthusiasts responded with this, however Jon M of California was the very first email to arrive.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Don’t blink or you might miss the Woody drive by during a flat tire scene.

Insomnia (2002)
A film with Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank with a Grand Wag that shows up towards the end of the flick. Don’t blink or you might miss the Woody drive by during a flat tire scene (first submitted by Fred S. of York, PA)

Jack Frost
Starring Michael Keaton as a snowman, his widowed wife drives an older model Woody (first submitted by Jason)

The Manhattan Project
Starring John Lithgow. The boy geniuses mother drive a sand colored Grand Wag (submitted by Collin M.)

Pet Semetary II
A chase scene with a Woody (submitted by Darren B.)

Problem Child
John Ritter uses the neighbor’s Woody in a wild chase scene

Resident Evil
A silver Star Grand Wag makes a late appearance in this flick (submitted by Christopher S.)

Shoot To Kill
Starring Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger & Clancy Brown. Brown’s character steals a white Grand Wag as a getaway and it keeps running despite the abuse. (submitted by Collin M.)

Urban Legands
Features a long-running Grand Wagoneer cameo, although it does end with a wrecked Grand Wagoneeer (submitted by Brandon L. of Louisana)

What about Bob?
One of the most high profile and renowned Woody appearances in a movie

Whatever it Takes
A romantic comedy that has a character driving a Grand Wagoneer (submitted by Johnathan H. of California)